The History of Jollisant Farm


Jollisant Farm was established in 1955 as a working dairy farm.  In the early 70’s the dairy business was closed, but the barn and garden remained.  With the garden still producing each year, we would sell a few of our vegetables just to pay for seed. Then in 2008 we started selling to the public on a small scale.  By 2012, we added strawberries and officially turned the farm into a pick your own.  Today, consumers pick their own vegetables and strawberries while enjoying fresh country air and sunshine.

Ahalls our farm grew, we added fresh eggs, blackberries and blueberries to the farm.  We have always used organic growing methods although we don’t have the certified organic stamp of approval. And, we recently added a small playground and picnic area.  A small corn maze and pumpkin patch is available to
visitors during the fall season.

Although growing vegetables and fruit is our main business IMG_0940

We make our own jams, jellies and pickles.  Folks visiting the farm can purchase these fresh goodies in our farm store.   Currently, our bee hives have doubled allowing us to sell a little honey.

On behalf of all of us here at Jollisant Farm, we hope you will come and visit us some time.  We would love to meet you and share our farm with you.